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everything is energy, frequency and vibration


the challenge :

“how to practically place all needed

equipment when making a home

autonomous / off the grid” ?


our solution is to place all in a garage

- so that all technical equipment becomes

one "technical hub" = the stand-alone garage


any home require access to heat,

electricity and water/disposal of water

however the society has made all home owners unwillingly dependent and it is very difficult

to break away from and the dream of

being master in own house never happens


make an autonomous home a reality

and enjoy not having to pay any more energy bills



we offer the following solutions



photovoltaic solar modules

on the east- and west-facing saddle roof

of the garage - off-grid connected

be aware that with the sun as the primary energy source, the larger the system, the better


it will produce from early

morning till late evening

at night and when the sun is not available

the stored energy is taken from batteries


think about it in this way : the solar system

is similar to a car “the bigger the motor

the more fun you may have”


if you decide for a partly autonomous / stand-alone / off-grid system you can always get electricity from the public grid but never supply to it


when you invest in this sort of own energy system

keep in mind that it all has to make sense

a building (also the garage) will have

a design life of minimum 50 years

the technical supply system need also

to have many years of service life


having experience since 2004

we offer a collection of proven complementary

products with long product life duration



solar panels of the type mono crystalline

with life expectancy of 20-30 years











electronics equipment required for charging the battery and creating a local mini-grid is from VICTRON energy alternatively mounted in an EMF free cabinet with easy connection to an additional generator like a x-generator *














battery of the nickel ion type from ADS

is safe and extremely reliable

with life expectancy of 20-30 years

alternatively mounted in an EMF free cabinet


















solar heating system

maintenance free system with immersion heaters

in one / several storage tanks

which in connection with floor heating

in a well insulated dwelling can cover

most of / all the needs

depending of geographical location















drinking water is most easily supplied

from an own well plus a domestic waterworks

and a water purification station

rainwater collected from the garage roof

will be sufficient as grey water supply

when no other solution is available and drinking water created from sunlight and air with the solution from SOURCE


wastewater should be minimized and

like solutions from BIOKUBE


 making the home autonomous

CAN be achieved with the sun

as the primary energy source

provided an energy efficient house

and can ensure 100% self-sufficiency

with no moving parts

and basically maintenance free

all depending of the geographical location

at other locations will be needed additional

energy from a x-generator

which can be in the form of any fuel free

generator technology - like from

Neutrino Energy Group *



get started


step 1 - pre-project defining your needs

step 2 - obtaining quotations and technical documentation from us and local specialists

step 3 - obtaining required permissions if any

step 4 - order your energy system

step 5 - delivery and installation

step 6 - enjoy your new freedom


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